Journey With Me Towards My Grad Exhibition: #2


I am finally inside the exhibiting space !

My class is figuring out who goes where in the gallery. As mentioned before how I present the artwork dictates what the viewer’s relationship is with the piece

some pics of my lovely classmates inside the space:

17759023_10155040024021597_11738190_o.jpg17759338_10155040023981597_484724586_o.jpg17758939_10155040023946597_1060676274_o.jpg17522365_10155040023956597_1989971435_o.jpgphoto credit: Betty Ma/ Instagram: bty2046

What I’m going to miss the most is the closeness our studio class has developed being in first, second , third and fourth year together.  When I think about the art that I made in  1st year I think about the naive and sheltered thoughts I had about what composed art.

Its crazy to experience how much my art concepts have evolved since then…4 years can just past by like a breeze…


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