Journey With Me Towards My Grad Exhibition: #3

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.19.49 PM.png

Here is another sneak peek of what I’m showing!

Yup. Bananas.

As I mentioned in my 10 Layers of Hong Kong post, a lot of the art I do revolves around me understanding what it means to be both Chinese and Canadian. Calling someone  a “banana” is a derogatory term used to describe a person who is “yellow” on the outside and “white” on the inside. What composes the image of the banana on the cover are the Chinese words 作嘔 which means loathsome or disgusting.

Stay tune for more sneak peeks!!


4 days until the show !


Still need to print and bind a book, sew a million pillow cases and zippers are the true death of me @________@

Hey but at least I’m preparing a pillow fest for my show!!!!!


Nothing beats the excitement and nervousness of having to show your artwork to a big audience. You want to make something that is worth watching.

I’m counting down 4 more sleepless nights till the big show >_______<



heartThank you all that has been reading my post thus far ! It means a lot !heart



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