Why study Art?

Blogpics1In my final year of high school I clearly knew what I wanted to do.

Since a child I knew I would study art.

It’s funny because I had many art teachers that discouraged me from this path

“You can’t draw properly…”

“You can’t colour inside the lines…”

But what kept me going was my high school art teacher. She encouraged me to do what I was passionate about and pursue it with all I got. I worked hard to compensate for the skills that I was lacking.

So I ended up in the Contemporary Arts Program at Simon Fraser University.

I soon learned that anyone or anything could be art.

I learned that being an artist encompassed more than just drawing or painting really well.

I learned that because I couldn’t express myself in any other way, art was the best language I could communicate with.

So why study art?

Because art became a part of who I was and part of studying art became a study of myself.

Fame, money or success will never be able to compensate that.

For all those students planning to study art, work hard for your passion and you won’t regret it.