Journey With Me Towards My Grad Exhibition: #5

Today is finally the day of the opening!

EEEEEEEKKKKKKKK! Can you see my name?


After a few finishing touches this is where I am at >.<

I apologize for the qualities of these photo because I had to use my phone. However I did have a very kind friend who helped me take some lovely photos ūüôā ūüôā

(NOTE: Art students, never document your work with your phone! It would be the least professional to show pixelated pictures for a portfolio!!) 

I promise more good quality photos to come !!

Some pics of my Banana book (again sorry for the quality !):


Words cannot describe how excited I am ! Its has been such an amazing journey thus far and I am already missing all the stressful, sleepless nights as an art student. ¬†I can’t believe 4 years of hard work has ended up in this two week long show.

I only wish to continue working hard and hope for the best for the future ūüôā

Stay tune for more pics for the opening!



Journey With Me Towards My Grad Exhibition: #4

Hey everyoneheart,

I’m posting this super late because I can’t sleep >.< . ¬†It’s 2 AM right now and I can’t help but think about what is going to happen tomorrow at the opening…

Lots have been happening since entering the gallery…

Here is my space on day #2 of installation:


My work in progress:

17918945_409372072755277_1502517154_n.jpg        17888377_409372059421945_1706234353_n.jpg

Gah! The beanbag is like a bed! So soft ~~~~~~~


Here is my last day of installation!! (featuring some of my very tired classmates :))17911002_409372049421946_8859257_n.jpg

The books on the shelves are the main focus of my installation but the yellow beanbag and pillows are all sewn by me. I wanted to create a inviting and comfortable space¬†where people are able to read my books. This is also the reason why I hanged my shelf so low, so it’s at a level where hands can easily reach the books .

Everything is happening so fast but I can’t wait until the opening >.<

Really hoping that everything will go smoothly…

heartStay tuned for pics of my final installation and of the openingheart

Journey With Me Towards My Grad Exhibition: #3

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.19.49 PM.png

Here is another sneak peek of what I’m showing!

Yup. Bananas.

As I mentioned in my 10 Layers of Hong Kong¬†post, a lot of the art I do revolves around me understanding what it means to be both Chinese and Canadian. Calling someone ¬†a “banana” is a derogatory term used to describe a person who is “yellow” on the outside and “white” on the inside. What composes the image of the banana on the cover are the Chinese words¬†šĹúŚėĒ which means loathsome or disgusting.

Stay tune for more sneak peeks!!


4 days until the show !


Still need to print and bind a book, sew a million pillow cases and zippers are the true death of me @________@

Hey but at least I’m preparing a pillow fest for my show!!!!!


Nothing beats the excitement and nervousness of having to show your artwork to a big audience. You want to make something that is worth watching.

I’m counting down 4 more sleepless nights till the big show >_______<



heartThank you all that has been reading my post thus far ! It means a lot !heart


Journey With Me Towards My Grad Exhibition: #2


I am finally inside the exhibiting space !

My class is figuring out who goes where in the gallery. As mentioned before how¬†I present the artwork dictates what the viewer’s relationship is with the piece

some pics of my lovely classmates inside the space:

17759023_10155040024021597_11738190_o.jpg17759338_10155040023981597_484724586_o.jpg17758939_10155040023946597_1060676274_o.jpg17522365_10155040023956597_1989971435_o.jpgphoto credit: Betty Ma/ Instagram: bty2046

What I’m going to miss the most is the closeness our studio class has developed being in first, second , third and fourth year together. ¬†When I think about the art that I made in ¬†1st year I think about the naive and sheltered thoughts I had about what composed art.

Its crazy to experience how much my art concepts have evolved since then…4 years can just past by like a breeze…

Journey With Me Towards My Grad Exhibition: #1


It’s crunch time. My final exhibition is next week!

For most art students this is where they become like work machines. Nothing is relaxing during this time.

My desk has been invaded by my work @____@


But at least you get a sneak peek of what I’m showing hehehehehe…


Right now I’m still working out how I should present my piece

Should it be on the floor, on the wall, as an installation or on a plinth ??????

However I¬†present my ¬†piece affects the viewer’s relationship to it so I have to be certain of my choice.


I’m still trying to figure things out with a week left. Gah.

For other students that are putting up their grad show as well, GO, GO, GO!!!!

Stay tuned to see what ¬†I’m prepping before the finals show!